Unleash The Outdoor Spirit


This past weekend I had the pleasure of being accompanied by 6 boys (under the age of 10) and one adult for the Church Mission (they didn't go to church so I told them we'd have "church" in the outdoors! laugh

The boys ran, climbed down trees (30 degree angle), axed wood, made fire starter shavings, knocked over dead tree stumps, made spears from branches, and ate all the food they brought.  Then we started a fire!


Almost forgot…..I taught the boys how to use matches! Yup, better educating them with the potential a match can do, than telling them NO, never, ever!!! Now they KNOW!

Your know what to do when they are presented with the wilderness.  The outdoor spirit lies within and seeks the opportunity to come to life!  It just amazes me how much fun can be had for no money.

By the way, I had to start walking towards my car to go home to obtain their attention indicating today’s mission was over.  They woulda stayed until the Park Ranger kicked them out at dusk!  

Everyone received a Mission Life sticker.

Misssion Life Logo

 If you want one just send me an email to: scott@pocketknivesblog.com with your address.  

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Scott "Poppy"