The Secret to Missions

The  Secret to Mission Life

Have more than one kid in the party! Although I have done some solo kid missions, but there’s more creation when there’s at least one other kid along on the mission!!

Nothing wrong with a one-kid mission, but the potential for ending early increases.  It happened to me once and my young fan grew tired of his “adopted Poppy” and wanted to go home, claiming to be tired.  Hey, I get it, I’m cool but not in his school….ya know.

The more kids you can gather for a time in the outdoors for a mission the better and longer it’ll go.  

The kids will feed off each other experimenting, exploring and creating, and that’s the secret IMO!

Below is a prime example. One kid found charred wood and smeared it on his face to be incognito. Then the next one and before you knew it……well, it's magic!

Missions are amazing and cheap/free outdoors fun, all you need is a park and some kids and some duct tape.  

Oh yeah, remind  me.


See ya in the outdoors!