Outdoor Mission Weather Preparation

Mission Weather Preparation

As I prepare for another mission with a handful of boys I am preparing for it to rain this Sunday.
I’ll make sure I have a tarp or two and some paracord if we need to throw up a quick tarp lean to!

Which reminds me of the Boy Scout motto – Always Be Prepared.  
Always  plan for the unplanned.  

Makes me think of one time when the 3 of us (2 grandsons and I) were out.  
I felt the temp drop (it was summertime in FL) and the sky darkened.  

I said there’s a storm brewin’ fellas, we gotta get outta here.  We took off like scared deer.  
As we approached the car I asked if they wanted to ride the storm out in the car or under a tarp.
Of course you know the answer…..

Before you go out – check the weather forecast a few days in advance.  
And for you who still remain in my favorite part of the USA (the northeast) take into the season and be on the lookout for snow.

Plan a mission with your kids today!!
Scott (aka Poppy)