New Port Richey Painted Rocks Mission

Headed out to James E. Grey Nature Preserve Park last Sunday and stumbled on what my oldest grandson now calls….ADDICTING! We hunted for painted rocks in the local park! 

There's allegedly a facbook page for this, but I wasn't able to find it.  The deal is, find a rock (or more) and reloacate them for someone else to find and repeat.  I now have some hidden in the back seat of my truck surprise

I was first exposed to this “painted rock hunting” activity a couple months ago while at Starkey Wilderness Park.  I greeted a father and daughter as they passed through the firepit area and he volunteered that they were looking for rocks.  Well, being a rock knowledge center myself (lol) I replied, “there’s no rocks in Florida, it’s all sand.”  No, he said, painted rocks.  Oh, ok, uh, well, uh, no……haven’t seen any.

Back to last Sunday, we (my 3 grandsons – I know the amount keeps rising, just go with me) found like a dozen of these painted rocks in 2 New Port Richey Parks.  

We did a lot of walking, with our eyes focused to the ground, searching, scouring for more painted rocks. Now we have to go back outdoors to locate for someone else to find.

Finding painted rocks is addicting as I’ve seen more families “together” walking in the woods searching.  Hey, if the kids are getting exposed to the outdoors, that’s MACK to me!!

This is where we found out first painted rock, right next to the Cotee River at James E Grey Preserve.



Whatever it takes to get the kids outdoors!

Do it!