Mission Life Kids Outdoor Activities – FORTS!


Can’t tell you how many of these I’ve overseen.  Absolutely the best way to enjoy an afternoon in the woods.  

Kids absolutely L-O-V-E building lean-tos, forts, huts or whatever you want to call them. And they love to haul logs to do it!

Couple Styles…..

1). Find 2 points you can rest a branch horizontally between, or 1 point you can lean one end on while the other touches the ground creating a 45 degree angle.

With the 2-point cross-beam idea you can create a lean-to with branches leaned on the cross bar and touching the ground to create a slanted roof.  Do this with numerous sticks/branches, as close together as possible, then add debris (leaves, twigs, pine needles, etc)

2). 1 Point.  Lean one long branch onto something that will sustain and proceed to lay branches/sticks on either side creating an”A” frame slanted sloping down, lean-to/fort.  I always called them forts….the kids don’t care if it’s the right term or not.


Ooooops, almsot forgot one.  It was the one we all had as kids….a BUSH fort.  You simply crawled into or behind a bush and that became the FORT! Remember?
Whenever I see a bush or shrubs low to the ground caving over I always say, "awe boys, that would make a great fort.! 


When complete, sit down and share an apple and jerky.  Those 2 items have been a staple when we go on a mission.

By the way, to get a kid involved, just ask if they want to build a fort?  BINGO!

P.S. – I witnessed a mom and son walking in the tent campsites yesterday.  They said they were just out exploring! (I guess she doesn't know it's called a Mission – LOL).  They walked around for a couple minutes and returned to their campsite. I bet, if she would've asked if he wanted to build a fort he would've jumped right in!!