Ever since my grandsons were coordinated enough to pull on the blade of a camp/scout knife (Imperial, Camillus, Colonial, CASE) I’ve instructed every step of the way. (Oh, by the way, I STILL, TO THIS DAY, have the first knife they each opened.  Yes I do.  They’ll get them back when they get to the momento age).

The parents were nervous, I was, their grandmother was and I’m sure they were.  Soon after I allowed them to use and carry these camp/scout knives. Clear instructions on safe usage and storage was carried out.  Yes, one time two of the kids tested the sharpeness of their blade by rubbing the wrong way “down the edge” and received paper cuts, which I quickly bandaged and duct taped! Knife usage for ALL on the mission came to an end that day because of their lack of focus.

Today, they’ve graduated to fixed blade knives.

Which brings me to the MISSION LIFE FREE KNIFE GIVEAWAY!  I’d like each kid who’s venturing into the outdoors with an adult relative to carry a knife, but I can only ensure one, for right now (I’ll give away more later), will carry one.

I’ll pick ONE winner to WIN this Craftsman scout/camp knife (shown below including the lanyard) on 3/31/17!  



The knife is super loaded with patina, is razor sharp and top quality like all American made products used to be!

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If you win and you already have knives to use, give it to another kid and tell them about Mission Life so they can escape the electronic trance!

And I'll throw in a Mission Life bumper sticker – FREE 


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