Kids & First Time Outdoors


First time outdoors with kids?…..make walking / hiking sticks

Maybe you’re not sure what to do if you take some kids to the outdoors.  Maybe you think the kids won’t like the outdoors.

Let me assure you, the kids will love the outdoors, especially if you call the trip a MISSION!!!

So, now what?  Your mind wonders what will we do when we arrive?

The first mission for us was, and has been for new kids I bring, to make a walking / hiking stick.  I wasn’t aware that finding / making a walking stick was on the outdoor agenda for our first missions but looking back at some early pics I can see it was.

Get yourself a Swiss Army Camping Knife because it has a saw blade that works like a real saw and that will be instrumental in future outdoor missions. Trust me!
Yeah, no, don’t buy an import at a local retail store for $3.99 that isn’t worth horse pucky.  Buy a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife model CAMPER


Couple tips on your walking sticks

-Use a dead branch (not from a live tree)
-Use the saw blade to cut to height
-Got duct tape?  Electrical tape?  Paracord?  – One afternoon my grandsons saw that I had different colored electrical tape lying around.  Can we put this on our walking stick Poppy?  We had a “Walking Stick Decorating Mission” that consumed all of an hour and a half! They were so proud of their custom outdoor tool, because it wasn’t just a walking stick anymore.

Kids will whack stuff with their walking sticks.  That’s what kids do.  Let ‘em.  As long as they aren’t whacking another individual or harming something, let ‘em have at it.

Oh, and back to the original question, “What to do when you arrive?”  The kids will figure it out, and the creative options in their inquisitive little minds will explode when they’ve found and made their own walking stick.  


Hurry…….get 'em to the outdoors on a MISSION!!