Establish Your Own Mission Rituals

Establish your own mission rituals.

Since our first mission to a park I’ve always, always, always toted jerky and an apple.  To this day, even when we’re camping I bring an apple and jerky and now most of the other kids do as well! And the kids have always, always worn some sort of camo.  I was a little late to the proper mission apparel but am full fledged camo mission now…


And possibly the most vital mission ritual has been music.  We started with Lynyrd Skynyrd, moved to AC/DC and currently playing Bon Jovi……loud and proud, same song over and over until the kids are singing it at the tops of their lungs!  New kids who get to ride in mission wagon quickly get hooked to the routine.  One boy actually made his mom play Bon Jovi Bad Medicine over and over when he got home.  She sent me a text…..THANKS POPPY ;(  


Creating those rituals, that are PURE FUN on missions is what the kids will love!  And they’ll remember it forever!!  Long after we’re gone!


Creating memories that’ll live on forever in them!!



One thought on “Establish Your Own Mission Rituals”

  1. Hi Scott….great times for those kids! Try Skynyrd's "Simple Man"….that's almost like a church hymn to me!

    Loved the open bag of radishes….try slicing them, and soaking them overnight in lime juice and salt…Spanish style!

    Camp-Scout-Utility knife Steel Sahlute!!!!!!!!    Bob G.

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