My name is Scott Rauber.  I'm married and have 3 children and 7 grandchildren (and a handful of other kids who call me Poppy). 🙂

I love the great outdoors.  As a child my parents took my siblings and I fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, and swimming almost every weekend, and we played sports too!  We lived in western New York and learned to respect and appreciate all the outdoors had to offer.
Now, after years away from the wilderness, I’m back and attempting to share the outdoor spirit with anybody who’ll raise their hand!


How did "Mission Life" come to be?  It started with a “Mission"!


One day from our 2nd floor condo, my 2 grandsons saw Muscovy Ducks swimming around our little retention pond in back.  They were amazed at these creatures and pointed them out to me with childhood enthusiasm, "Poppy…LOOK….LOOK!!"  I did and showed my approval by saying, "WOW, how cool"!!


With a slight pause, I asked if they wanted to go and get a closer look at the ugly ducklings (they really are ugly).  They quickly agreed to go.  Their mom asked where we were going?  I looked around, hesitating, searching for a slightly wisenheimer answer and replied, ”We’re going on a mission”. 


"I see", she replied.  What else could I say, we were going to look at ducks!  I decided the activity we were setting out on had to be interesting, exciting, mysterious, and have a purpose!  And so it was and is – a Mission!


We adorned our shoes and out we went.  It was the beginning of what would become the standard name of heading outdoors with me.  I began searching for local, state, or county parks loaded with trees and wilderness and we began planning missions to different parks, and even backyards held mission potential.


My 2 grandsons would come to life when we were outdoors.  It was almost as if they were set free from mysterious, hidden power.  No computers, Ipads, video games, etc.  The power was climbing, running, swinging, jumping, and whatever else they wanted.  I was (still am) the big kid who allows them to do what I did when I was a child, but with adult supervision.


Soon other kids asked if they could “go on a mission”, and then parents grasped the mission understanding.  Over the last 5 years (since 2011), there’s been numerous kids (boys and girls) exposed to the outdoors where the outdoor spirit was unleashed in each.


When asked by parents, "What are you doing on these missions"?  I’ve always replied, "Whatever the kids want, they’ll figure it out once we get outside"!


It’s truly amazing to me to watch the children come to life when they’re set free to be kids in the great outdoors.  It’s almost as if the trapped inside child breaks out and screams….YESSSSSSSSSSSSS FINALLY!!!!  That is what I call MISSION LIFE!!

You can contact me at scott@pocketknivesblog.com.