Birthday Mission

Birthday Mission

For the past couple of years while 1). Having the outdoor spirit rekindled in me and 2). Living close to Starkey Wilderness Park I’ve told my wife I want a day in the woods (Starkey Park) for my birthday! I believe yesterday was the 3rd annual celebration. Now I call it my Birthday Mission.


When I arrived at 8:30 it was cool (low 50’s) and a ever so slight misty/fogginess was afloat.  It gave me the feeling of a fall day in Western New York.  I gathered some small downed pine trees tossed them on the roof of my car with the intent to process into firewood,,,,,

As the morning turned to brunch time the mission kids began to arrive!  All in all there was another adult and 5 boys!  They busted and cut wood for the fire and we ate like kings, thanks to Tony, the other adult!!  

We cooked bacon, hot dogs, and bread (became toast) on sticks and warmed up a hobo meal on the coals!

Funny thing is….we always say – that was the best mission ever!  Just mighta been!


Create some lifelong memories with your kids and or grandkids….expose them to the great outdoors and the outdoor spirit!!!